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NinjaGo Gravity Guy Game

This game is super fun because of the storyline that it is having. There is the main character that is extremely brave and is known as Gravity Guy. The game world has gravity laws that are broken but this guy acts like super-hero and tries to break rules and run away.

The gravity troops are all behind this guy and he is so courageous that he escapes from clutches laid by the gravity troops for the rule breaker. The player’s task in this game is cool and you will get great responsibility of helping the Gravity Guy in escaping from all of these dangerous gravity troops.

After he decided to flip the gravity at will, he would run and escape and as player, you would guide him in taking the correct direction. There would be strange mazes that could feel impossible to cross. But with your help, the gravity guy will find the right path to go.

There would be stunning retain graphics that will dazzle the players. One great thing is that the game is fast and does not feel boring at all. The simple button operation is going to help the player in proper control.

There is the interactive tutorial that comes in beginning and guides the player of the entire gaming and playing strategy. The achievements can be seen and that further motivates the players to get correct gaming strategy for the remaining stages.

Players would also have choice in choosing the characters and then enjoy this game. There are thirty distinct kinds of level to be explored by each player.