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Ninjago Ninja Day is a flash and interesting adventure game. This game is one of the most favorite games for those who love to play adventure Ninjago games. The game begins with the preparation to face various obstacles, by the main hero Kai. Like other Ninjago games, this Ninjago game also depicts all the basic rules. But the most encouraging part of this game is the enthusiasm of the main character or the hero, which is Kai. The soundtrack of the game is very fine. This game shows how the hero survives even after facing so many obstacles. The key fact of this game is that the hero has to face the stone serpents. He has to face many odd obstacles apart from these stone serpents. As a player, you have to provide the best effort to win the game. The essential part of the game is that the player has to face a strong enemy. And there is no question of any weakness. Now the player needs to be very careful about his or her move. The beauty of the game is that you will be given all possible opportunities to perform the best, and your best effort is the only key to success. For a newcomer, this game is very interesting at the same time some extra efforts are also needed to play the game. While playing this game, you should be very careful, because if you get hit by your enemy for three times, then you will lose the game. So you have to use your intellect to play the game properly so that you can win the game. Truly, this is a good game.