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Ninjago Forgoten City Game

You must be familiar with the term Ninja-go after these characters have gone viral everywhere. This game is the sequence of that popularity. This online game lets you have a fighting game in quite a funny and cute environment. You have to play as a ninja in this 2D game. The city that you are in is full of enemies and traps. You have to avoid all of them and get the adventure completed. The game is so fun and simple.

The game is about the warrior that is travelling through an ancient city called "Forgotten city". There are many challenges to face in the adventure and the more he goes on, the more danger he faces. The game has quite a unique game play and make you smile at the cuteness of it. There is so much that you can enjoy in the game as there are many features that are involved in the game. You can have yourself released by the tensions of the whole busy day by playing this game.

The game is available for free. You do not have to pay anything to play it. More than that you do not have to download any cumbersome file to play the game. It is available online and you do not need any professional internet connection to play the game smoothly. After quite a hectic day, sit down and start playing this simple little game on the internet and enjoy it like anything. It can be one of your best experiences of life.