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Viper Smash Game

Must you have heard about ninja's right? The hidden worriers who are aimed at killing the evil forces around the globe and if you want to be one and enjoy a virtual life of the ninja then we have the game for you named as Viper Smash. The instructions are quite simple. All you need to do is defeat the army of the skeleton to be the master. Once you have finished one level, you will get the coins and the cards that will help you in unlocking the new skills that will help you to kill your enemies in no time. It is an exciting game that not only helps you in killing your boring time but also it is completely free of cost to play.

This is one of the few Ninja games that are free online and also quite festinating with its graphics and easy instruction manual. For your first game, all you need to do is follow that instruction until you are aware of the different steps that you will have to take for defeating your enemy.

Playing this game is not only easy but the numbers of requirements to play the game are quite simple. All you need is the keyboard, mouse, high-speed internet and a browser with flash player. Once you have all these on the computer, you are willing to play on, and then you can play this entertaining and exciting game from anywhere and at any instance time.